How to purchase a qualified replacement cartridge for your printer?

August 25, 2014

As a matter of fact, there are quite a few online stores in these days, selling replacement ink or toner cartridges. As a customer who like shopping online, you may find sometimes it's pretty confused by the seller as well as the products they are selling. Why? mostly because of the product quality and the service. 

People have various purchasing habits or criteria, for instance, some customers look at prices only, some will consider bother price and quality, some will check the stores nearby as they may like to pick up from the real stores, etc. But no one wants to buy junks even the prices are so cheap. When Google online, you will see a lot stores selling such inkjet and toner cartridges. It is not easy to let you know which one to choose, but there are something that you may not happy with. You do not want to buy a cartridge back home or office and find it's not working by any reason; then when you are trying to call the customer service number showing on the online store(some online store even do not have a service number), you are welcomed by the voice mail all the time; after finally you get a reply from the selling by email, you find the trouble shooting and return procedure are painful; some one maybe lucky enough to find the seller's address is close to them, but when they are there, no one service them as most of the online stores are virtual and they do not have a real physical store or customer service rep there. etc. etc.

Actually, we you buy online, you should feel the similar way when you walk into a local store. You like the store as you feel comfortable with it, you compare the store, you ask questions when  you feel necessary by phone or live chat online or email, these are some good steps which help you screen some good stores on your list, then  you try the products and experience the service. Please keep in mind, always dealing with stores you think they are aiming on a long-term business perspective.

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