How to count the printer's yield correctly?

August 27, 2014

Most of the time, customers always ask why the yield of my cartridge says 6000 pages but after I print only about 2000 pages, it says "cartridge low" or "cartridge empty" and need to change a new toner cartridge to replace. The answer is the 6000 pages yield is based on a 5% coverage. Let's take a real example. HP131X (CF210X) black toner cartridges yield is 2400 pages. If your print on every page is about 5% of the letter size paper, then you can print 2400 pages, but if  your print coverage is about 10%, obviously, you can only get 1200 pages, and so on.  When you print graphic, you get much more less than the 2400 pages. 

So, please always keep in mind this 5% coverage rule so you can easily figure out what kind of printer will be good for you.

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