New Chips for our 950xl 951xl 970xl and 971xl cartridges are ready

September 28, 2016

Very recently, HP updated the chip version on 950XL 951XL 970XL 971XL ink cartridges, which lead to the printers using these cartridges will show a error message like "one or more cartridges are damaged", something like this. This means any old-version chip these cartridges will not be working on the printer. But the issue here is this upgrade was finished without customers permission, once your computer is connected with internet and you turn it on, this upgrade will be done even you do not realize it. HP explains this upgrade is not to block the third party cartridges and remanufactured cartridges, it is just a regular driver updates and even the OEM cartridges are affected. So, if your cartridges suppliers are not update their chips for now, then the cartridges will not be working. 

The good news is react on this issue quickly and developed the new chips already. As of today, we updated all the chips for our 950xl 951xl 970xl and 971xl. They will be working fine on your printers. 

This is not the first time the OEM updates the chips on different cartridges. Superink promise to try the best to keep pace with the changes in the market and serve our customers better. 

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